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This website is for Honda of America, Mfg., Inc. associates only. 

The User Name is the five-digit associate number. (ex. 00100) 

The Password is the last four digits of the associate's Social Security Number. (ex. 8909)

**We recommend that you change your password. To change your password, click on "My Profile," located on the left blue sidebar under "Vehicle Use."**

As part of our on-going initiative to further enhance FleetCommander security, we have implemented tighter password security.

Passwords are now case-sensitive!  In the past, a user who entered his/her password using either lowercase or uppercase characters always gained access to FleetCommander.  However, the user passwords are now case sensitive.  For example, if my password is "maTThew", I would need to type it exactly the way it looks.  "MATTHEW" or "matthew" will not work.

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